The Ol’ Ringgold Depot


I thought the best way to start this series was by providing a brief history of the depot. This will allow the a reader a brief glimpse into the past to see some of the development of Ringgold and its depot. I am hoping to also demonstrate that the town is anything but a secluded entity in the mountains of Appalachia. It was, and very much is today, connected to the markets around it including those of the deep South. Additionally, due to the town’s natural geography, Ringgold developed as a crossroads and what many call a “gateway” to Georgia. It is this gateway that helped bring Ringgold its commerce, its depot and eventually, the Civil War. Continue reading

“Six Year Flag Dispute in Ringgold to be Heard in Court”

(H/T) to David Tatum for bringing this to my attention.  For those of you that do not know, back in the early 2000s community leaders renovated the historic depot in Ringgold, Georgia. Part of these renovations included a memorial to the men/boys who left the depot to fight in the Civil War. Additionally, the memorial commemorates the Battle of Ringgold Gap. Adding to the luster, renovators constructed two flags in front of the depot: 1, a U.S. flag in remembrance of Gen. Joseph Hooker and the Union soldiers; and 2, a Confederate flag in reverence to Patrick Cleburne and his Confederates.

Photo taken before all renovations were completed

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Can the South Remain Standing?

The South won’t have to rise again…just remain standing, while the rest of America falls.

This quote has appeared time and time again on numerous Facebook pages and blogs of “True Southrons.” It appeared most recently at the echo chamber of fiction southern romance novel writer, Connie Chastain. Usually I just scoff at such statements, they being what they are. This morning however, I found myself thinking about this quote from a different perspective. Could the South remain standing, or will it be part of the problem that causes America to “fall?” Continue reading

Confederate Tea Party

Chattanooga, TN is an area rich in Civil War history, as well as numerous other events and eras. It is really no surprise that the largest local paper, the Chattanooga Times Free Press, is usually littered with pictures, articles and notes about the past. The Civil War usually garners the most attention in the fair city, so it came as no surprise when a picture of a Confederate Battle Flag popped up on my feed last week. What is surprising, is that the flag is depicted as a modern symbol of the Tea Party. Continue reading

Update: The Case of George Washington’s Broken Cane

A while back I blogged about the damaged statue of George Washington that currently sits in front of the State House in Columbia, S.C. The post had something to do with a Facebook post on the SHPG’s group page that highlighted “Yankee atrocities.” As someone usually skeptical about such atrocities, mainly because so many of them are falsely attributed to Sherman’s Army, I decided to research the statue a bit for myself. I quickly found that there were two opposing explanations for how the statue was originally damaged. I signed off on the post asking for readers to provide any information they had. I moved on, and forgot about the whole thing. Then, two years later, I received a comment.

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