“If I Wanted To Prove My Point…”

In my most recent post I asked you to glance over a document from the Confederate Archives. That document appeared to be an information card about a patient named Carey at Ocmulgee Hospital in Macon, GA in the winter of 1864-65. Now, Georgy Pervis claims that the card is some type of iron clad proof of a Black Confederate. He bases this on one thing…that the word “Confederate” appears on the card. Never mind the fact that the word “Confederate” is an indication of where this card is filed (Confederate Archives). Many of the responses I received were right on point. The card, by itself, is too vague on its own to jump to any conclusions over. All we can really decipher is that Carey was the property of Johnathan MeGee and a patient in Macon, GA. With other contextual documents, a clearer picture could be painted. Thanks to a commenter who goes by the handle “Border Ruffian,” we now have documents that the person in question was a slave during the war and worked as a teamster. These documents indicate that Carey applied for a servant’s pension, not a soldier’s pension. Continue reading

What Indicates that he is a Soldier?

UpdateH/T to Border Ruffian for running down some information on Carey, the slave in question. See his comments below.

Overwhelmingly agitated by my previous post about Black Confederates, George Purvis has gone on the offensive. Georgy contends that my previous post is a display of “bigotry, hate and ignorance.” Specifically he says,  Continue reading

The Week of Premiers and the Washington Redskins

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so glad this week is finally here. It is the week of premiers. The season premiers of both the Big Bang Theory and Sleepy Hollow are tonight. On Wednesday, the 18th season of South Park begins. I am beyond stoked. I am especially looking forward to the social commentary South Park provides; you can see what I mean in the video below. Enjoy ;)

Big Bang Theory

Sleep Hollow

South Park