The Georgia Senate Runoff: A Historic Election

Let’s set politics aside. Can we do that? It’s 2021, so maybe for a moment? It appears as of this morning that the Democratic Party won both Senate seats in the Georgia Senate Runoff election. As of now the Associated Press has declared candidate Raphael Warnock the winner and it appears that Jon Ossoff willContinue reading “The Georgia Senate Runoff: A Historic Election”

Guest Post: Why I Marched on January 21, 2017

Yesterday the Women’s March took place. If the captivating images of this event are any indicator, I have no doubt I will one day teach this to my U.S. History classes. Unfortunately, my duties as a wrestling coach kept me from participating in this historic event. This left me following the march in spirit as IContinue reading “Guest Post: Why I Marched on January 21, 2017”

The Electoral College: Introduction and the 2016 Presidential Race

Well, it’s finally over. The 2016 Presidential election, it’s done. What seemed like a sad reality show come to life finally ended and the results are clear. America chose Hillary Clinton for President. Almost 2.9 million more Americans preferred Clinton, as a matter of fact. Clinton took 48.2% of the popular vote, or 65,844,954 votesContinue reading “The Electoral College: Introduction and the 2016 Presidential Race”

More Confederate Flags and Donald Trump

Donald Trump spokeswoman supporter Kayleigh McEnany sought to educate former South Carolina legislator Bakari Sellers on CNN the other night about the meaning and history of the Confederate Battle Flag. Needless to say, opinions varied widely. Here is the exchange. 

“A City too Busy to Hate” and Mayor Kasim Reed

Ever since the Civil Rights era the city of Atlanta has often dubbed itself the “city too busy to hate.” Now that the city is in the throes of this generation’s protest, Atlanta seems to be adopting that moniker once more. Check out this inspirational video from 11Alive created after NAACP led protests in the city. 

Donald Trump’s Confederate Flag

After the Charleston Church shooting last year Confederate Flags and iconography suffered tremendous backlash. Most notable of which was the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag (CBF) from the grounds of the South Carolina State House. Naturally, with every backlash comes the counter-backlash. One year later in the midst of a Presidential election, the flag andContinue reading “Donald Trump’s Confederate Flag”

‘Tis the Season for Discrimination

Today’s post features a personal story and insights on disability discrimination from Isabel Otero. Isabel is a high school friend of mine and routine commenter on this blog. I have featured her keen insight before on this blog; especially on matters of discrimination and race. Having worked with the Department of Justice and currently theContinue reading “‘Tis the Season for Discrimination”

Understanding White Privilege

A week ago I wrote briefly about the upcoming film Straight Outta Compton: The Story of N.W.A., and how that movie’s message is relevant to the current racial climate in the United States. I got a few interesting comments to that post and some pretty cool reactions on Facebook.  Not surprisingly, some people took offense. One Confederate Heritage advocated, and selfContinue reading “Understanding White Privilege”