Welcome to The Historic Struggle

My name is Robert (Rob) Baker. Although some call me Coach Baker.

I am a high school history teacher  and adjunct professor with a passion for U.S. history and coaching wrestling. Currently, I am a teacher of History and U.S. Government and Appalachian Studies.

Growing up in Ringgold, GA I have always been fascinated with history. Ringgold is the site of a small Civil War battle and adjacent to two very large battles; Chickamauga, and Missionary Ridge (Chattanooga Campaign). This admiration for and immersion in history grew in such a way that it became passion. After high school, I set out to pursue a career which involved history. That is what I am doing now. As the years go by and this blog develops, I hope it will be a place to collect my thoughts and hopefully inspire thought provoking conversation. I hope that any and all visitors will take the time to read a few posts and leave comments expressing their opinions towards these subjects.

I moderate all comments. If any comments are drastically obscene or entirely off topic I will not approve them. I also will not approve any comments from fake usernames unless that username is a well known pen name. Issues have arisen in the past when users maintained multiple online identities to hide who they are. I am hopeful there will be minimal issues, but this is the internet. Welcome, to The Historic Struggle.