Descendants of Alexander Stephens Speak Out

Over the past few weeks I’ve written a couple of posts concerning the issue of Confederate monuments. Two of those posts dealt with the perspectives of Robert E. Lee and the descendants of a few prominent Confederates. Well, I can add one more to the list: the descendants of Alexander Stephens, Vice President of theContinue reading “Descendants of Alexander Stephens Speak Out”

The Confederate Flag: A Cornerstone of White Supremacy

Update: You know you’ve made a good argument…and hit a nerve…when somebody responds by repeatedly calling your post “trash,” but never tries to refute the argument. A couple more interesting essays have come to light concerning the Confederate Flag debate: Bruce Levine’s The Confederate Flag Was Always Racist and Kevin Levin’s The ‘Cornerstone’ of the Confederate Flag.  Reading theseContinue reading “The Confederate Flag: A Cornerstone of White Supremacy”