From the Holler!

I am pouring through Chapter three of my thesis. I think It’s coming along quite well. With that in mind, there a few things that have come across my reader recently worth noting, but not worth the time to write in depth about. Here’s the shortlist:

  • Update on the Ringgold Flag DisputeSince Judge Kristina Cooke Graham pushed the court date back to Nov. 4, I am going to hold off on making any more posts about the topic until I have a chance to head back home for a weekend. There are some pictures I want to get of the depot, that I cannot find on the internet.
  • Defenders of Southern Heritage converged on Lexington, VA recently, because replica flags are more important than actual historic flags. You can read about it here and here . For some interesting commentary about what the rally was really about, check out Kevin Levin’s latest post. 
  • The Atlanta Cyclorama is moving to the Atlanta History Center. Personally, I think the Cyclorama is better off this way.
  • In Appalachian environmentalist news, Congress is forced to learn about Mountain Top Removal (MTR).
  • Witnessing History released a new documentary on Daniel Boone. Bring on the Appalachian frontier! This will be a great addition to my Appalachian Film List.
  • A recent favorite blog of mine, On Violenceis starting a series about hate speech in war. The author comes out swinging with “Demonizing Your Enemy, Exhibit 1: The Mainstream Media.” 
  • The Chattanooga History Center recently received a $400,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The museum is not yet open, but it looks to be an inviting addition to the Aquarium Plaza downtown. I cannot wait to visit.

For your listening pleasure. This song by Hozier is trending and it’s message speaks volumes to the LGBT community.

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