From the Holler! (MLK Edition)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I have been extremely busy. A lot of changes at school have me eyes deep in a constant stream of paperwork and planning. I’ve also been extremely busy coaching wrestling; especially now that we are in the latter half of the season. This past weekend, these terrific youngContinue reading “From the Holler! (MLK Edition)”


Protests and counter protests seem to be lining the streets in front of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. The protesters: The VA Flaggers, angry that the VMFA removed the Confederate Battle Flag from the outside of the old chapel. Their protest includes waving Chinese made flags in front of the VMFA andContinue reading “Profane”

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Dumb

Note: Much of this stems from debate surrounding a Confederate Flag issue at Beauvoir; the postwar home of Jefferson Davis. In response to Al Mackey, Connie Chastain tells us why the Confederate Battle Flag (CBF) is connected to President Jefferson Davis.

Richmonders Against the Confederate Flag on I-95

UPDATE: Al Mackey illustrates how idiotic it is to suggest that Richmond, VA needs a reminder about Confederate History in his recent post. —————————————————————————————————————————– If you have not heard, certain members of the Southern Heritage crowd plan to erect a “Big Ass Confederate Flag” at an undisclosed location somewhere around Richmond, VA. Whenever and wherever the flag isContinue reading “Richmonders Against the Confederate Flag on I-95”