“Any slave found intoxicated in said Village,”

While flipping through Clark’s History in Catoosa County I found an interesting passage about the city of Ringgold’s early laws and ordinances. The General Assembly of Georgia incorporated Ringgold, which was in Walker County at that time, in 1847. This is a few years before the Western and Atlantic Railroad came through so the town had notContinue reading ““Any slave found intoxicated in said Village,””

710: Sorting Through the County Historiography

I finally got the chance to browse through Susie Blaylock McDaniel’s Official History of Catoosa County Georgia, 1853-1953.  Unfortunately, the book is not giving me much insight into the slave history of Catoosa County. Published for the first time in 1957, the book lacks significant scholarship over the last sixty years. What little information is in the book,Continue reading “710: Sorting Through the County Historiography”

710: A New Project

Seven hundred and ten. That is the number of slaves counted in the 1860 Federal Census for Catoosa County (GA). As one can imagine, there have not been too many histories published about this single northwest Georgia county. What little histories there are, make little to no mention about the seven hundred and ten slaves countedContinue reading “710: A New Project”

Update on the Ringgold Depot Flag Dispute

Click here to start at the beginning of this series It appears the nine year dispute over the Confederate Battle Flag will have to wait a little bit longer. Superior Court Judge Kristina Cooke Graham pushed the case scheduled for today back to November 4. According to Ray McBerry, Division Commander of the Georgia SCV, aContinue reading “Update on the Ringgold Depot Flag Dispute”

The Ol’ Ringgold Depot

Click here to start at the beginning of this series I thought the best way to start this series was by providing a brief history of the depot. This will allow the reader a brief glimpse into the past to see some of the development of Ringgold and its depot. I am hoping to also demonstrateContinue reading “The Ol’ Ringgold Depot”

“Six Year Flag Dispute in Ringgold to be Heard in Court”

Update: I’ve included a table of contents for this series below. (H/T) to David Tatum for bringing this to my attention.  For those of you that do not know, back in the early 2000s community leaders renovated the historic depot in Ringgold, Georgia. Part of these renovations included a memorial to the men/boys who leftContinue reading ““Six Year Flag Dispute in Ringgold to be Heard in Court””