Jimmy Carter Conservation Rap

Today in my U.S. History class, we talked about President Jimmy Carter and the energy crisis. We tried to put it into context of the 70s environmentalist movement. Some of my students seized the opportunity and draw modern comparisons with our current energy issues and the desecration of the Earth in order to attain resources.Continue reading “Jimmy Carter Conservation Rap”

Profane Music: Grand Funk Railroad

[Warning: May Contain Elements of Satire and Sarcasm] In the words of Connie Chastain, I must issue “my apologies in advance for the utter filth of the lyrics posted below the video, but it is necessary for people to understand what is being blasted [by] the VaFlaggers” and their proponents. In one of her more recent posts,Continue reading “Profane Music: Grand Funk Railroad”


Protests and counter protests seem to be lining the streets in front of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. The protesters: The VA Flaggers, angry that the VMFA removed the Confederate Battle Flag from the outside of the old chapel. Their protest includes waving Chinese made flags in front of the VMFA andContinue reading “Profane”