I Stand with the National Park Service

I’ve recently changed the image on my homepage to show that I too, stand with the National Park Service.┬áMuch has been said about the NPS and their connections to the recent government shutdown. The hoopla surrounding the WWII Monument on the National Mall, and the many Republican attempts at demonizing the NPS for carrying outContinue reading “I Stand with the National Park Service”

Is the Craven’s House Getting a Face Lift?

Chattanooga’s Civil War battlefields seem to be going through a period of change. And I must say, these changes are for the better. With the 150th anniversaries of the battle of Chickamauga, Chattanooga, and Missionary Ridge taking place later this year, the National Park Service is considering revamping the landscape of these incredible battlefields. TheContinue reading “Is the Craven’s House Getting a Face Lift?”