Did the Battle of Gettysburg Matter?

We are coming up on the 151st anniversary of what is recognized as one of the most important battles in U.S. History. Brooks Simpson posed a couple of questions about the battle on his blog.  Check out his blog and take a crack at answering when you get the chance. Following his model, I would like to pose some questionsContinue reading “Did the Battle of Gettysburg Matter?”

Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 2

Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 1 Part one of this two part post garnered a lot of reactions on several Facebook forums. Some comments spun off into tangents and irrelevant topics of debate but for the most part, Peter Carmichael’s perceived words and Kevin Levin’s additional comments met a lot of criticism from Re-enactors. I wantContinue reading “Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 2”

Thank God for John C. Calhoun!!!!

WARNING!!! This post is not about states’ rights. John C. Calhoun is one of the most infamous “war hawks” in American history. On the eve of the War of 1812, Calhoun noted that a second war for the protection of American liberties was not necessary, but that it would be a positive thing. He believedContinue reading “Thank God for John C. Calhoun!!!!”