From the Holler!: New Year’s Edition

The unofficial hiatus is over.  I taught another class at the University of North Georgia, which was an absolute thrill. I finished up my first semester teaching at West Hall High School, another amazing experience. Additionally, I worked some on the side with friends on a new political blog/podcast. We’re still ironing out the kinksContinue reading “From the Holler!: New Year’s Edition”

From the Holler!

Man oh man have I been busy. Quite literally the first day of EOCTs for my U.S History classes, I received news that the head wrestling coach stepped down. For the past three weeks I have acted in an interim head coach capacity, holding things together until administration found a replacement. That replacement was hiredContinue reading “From the Holler!”

From the Holler!

Busy, busy, busy. This time of year is such a crunch to get grades in, help students that are struggling on the home stretch, and prepare for that ever horrendous EOCT. My posts are few and far in between. My comments on other sites are here and there. So here are a few updates. 

From the Holler!

I’ve done it. This is the name I will give my small updates, or as Andy Hall puts it, “Small items that don’t warrant full posts of their own.” Holler is an Appalachian term for a small valley in the mountains. This fits in nicely with my Appalachian background as well as my passion for AppalachianContinue reading “From the Holler!”

I Stand with the National Park Service

I’ve recently changed the image on my homepage to show that I too, stand with the National Park Service. Much has been said about the NPS and their connections to the recent government shutdown. The hoopla surrounding the WWII Monument on the National Mall, and the many Republican attempts at demonizing the NPS for carrying outContinue reading “I Stand with the National Park Service”

Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 2

Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 1 Part one of this two part post garnered a lot of reactions on several Facebook forums. Some comments spun off into tangents and irrelevant topics of debate but for the most part, Peter Carmichael’s perceived words and Kevin Levin’s additional comments met a lot of criticism from Re-enactors. I wantContinue reading “Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 2”

Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 1

Recently I have been reading the back and forth between historians, Re-enactors and the general public over Civil War battle re-enactments. Much of the verbal hostility stems from Don Gilliland’s article, “Should Civil War Re-enactments Be Abandoned?” For the article, Gilliland interviewed Peter Carmichael, the Director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. The interview casts CarmichaelContinue reading “Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 1”

Getting Back In Rhythm

I’ve been away for a few weeks. First there was the 150th Gettysburg reenactment, then a team wrestling camp in Boone, N.C. Glad to be home, and hopefully, routinely updating this blog. Here’s what’s been happening. Connie Chastain delights in playing the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” game. The answers given by some did not agreeContinue reading “Getting Back In Rhythm”