Connecting Communities through Seeds recently featured a post from a good friend of mine, Jonathan Winskie. For those of you unaware, Joanthan is the red headed menace on the About Me page. His post focuses on heirloom seeds and their ability to forge “metaphoric ‘bridges’” by serving as “vessels to facilitate deep and powerful connections between community members,Continue reading “Connecting Communities through Seeds”

2014 Georgia Association of Historians Annual Conference

The past few weeks have been really positive for me. Last week I found out that the Appalachian Studies Association accepted a session proposal that I helped organize. Today I received word that the Georgia Association of Historians (GAH), accepted a session proposal that I helped create. I am incredibly excited about the opportunity toContinue reading “2014 Georgia Association of Historians Annual Conference”

Staying Busy

I’ve neglected this blog for the past few weeks while preparing  paper proposals for different conferences. The process for such is very tedious work, but it pays large dividends in networking and building a resume.  The two Conferences I’ve set my sights on are the Georgia Association of Historians (GAH) conference, set for March 2014, and theContinue reading “Staying Busy”

The Countdown to the 36th ASA

This time Friday I will be at the 36th annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference. I cannot begin to explain the excitement my cohorts and I are experiencing. Several months of scholarship paid dividends as numerous University of North Georgia students begin their trek towards Boone, N.C. on March 22nd. I have to say that IContinue reading “The Countdown to the 36th ASA”