Genealogy Field Trip: Day 2

My Granddad and I a¬†terrific day in Grayson County Virginia. We started the morning getting caught up with some of my distant cousins who live in Grayson Co. After getting briefly caught up, we traveled to Independence, VA to visit the Grayson Heritage Foundation. We had hoped to partially solve a family mystery about theContinue reading “Genealogy Field Trip: Day 2”

Stupid Things People Say About the Civil War: Part 2

Well, I must say it was easy to find part two of this series. It literally found me. In the comments section of the last post, Mr/s. Caldwell says: Kinda funny to think that a nation in which slavery was perfectly legal, like the U.S.A, would fight a war to eradicate slavery in a nationContinue reading “Stupid Things People Say About the Civil War: Part 2”

Happy Independence Day!!!

I do enjoy the fourth of July. Last year I celebrated Independence Day a little before the 4th.¬†After paying homage to John Adams, a hat tip to one of my college professors, I find remembering how truly wonderful the Declaration of Independence inescapable. Not so much because of its importance during the revolution, but becauseContinue reading “Happy Independence Day!!!”