Update on the Ringgold Depot Flag Dispute

Click here to start at the beginning of this series It appears the nine year dispute over the Confederate Battle Flag will have to wait a little bit longer. Superior Court Judge Kristina Cooke Graham pushed the case scheduled for today back to November 4. According to Ray McBerry, Division Commander of the Georgia SCV, aContinue reading “Update on the Ringgold Depot Flag Dispute”

Did the Battle of Gettysburg Matter?

We are coming up on the 151st anniversary of what is recognized as one of the most important battles in U.S. History. Brooks Simpson posed a couple of questions about the battle on his blog.  Check out his blog and take a crack at answering when you get the chance. Following his model, I would like to pose some questionsContinue reading “Did the Battle of Gettysburg Matter?”

Confederate Tea Party

Chattanooga, TN is an area rich in Civil War history, as well as numerous other events and eras. It is really no surprise that the largest local paper, the Chattanooga Times Free Press, is usually littered with pictures, articles and notes about the past. The Civil War usually garners the most attention in the fair city,Continue reading “Confederate Tea Party”

Update: The Case of George Washington’s Broken Cane

A while back I blogged about the damaged statue of George Washington that currently sits in front of the State House in Columbia, S.C. The post had something to do with a Facebook post on the SHPG’s group page that highlighted “Yankee atrocities.” As someone usually skeptical about such atrocities, mainly because so many of themContinue reading “Update: The Case of George Washington’s Broken Cane”

From the Holler!

Crunch time! I’ve been working my students to the bone, preparing them for the End Of Course Tests on Monday and Tuesday next week. I’ve also been bribing them with candy. It’s amazing how many students will raise their hands to answer questions during review when miniature Snickers are on the line. Incentives and diabetes,Continue reading “From the Holler!”

A Gentleman’s Agreement

Connie Chastain posted a challenge from Carl Roden on her blog. In that challenge, Carl agrees that if the answers to his questions (below) are adequate, that he will stop complaining. Connie wants comments on her blog so go there if you wish. Google Blogger is pretty limited in how much text you can writeContinue reading “A Gentleman’s Agreement”

Frank Underwood Confronts His Civil War Heritage

Netflix’s premier series House of Cards is a political drama that is raw, exhilarating and downright devious. The lead character, Democratic Party politician Frank Underwood of South Carolina, is easily the most diabolical character I think I’ve ever witnessed on television. Kevin Spacey’s tremendous portrayal of Frank pushes the show to the limit, making it a thrill rideContinue reading “Frank Underwood Confronts His Civil War Heritage”

2014 Georgia Association of Historians Annual Conference

The past few weeks have been really positive for me. Last week I found out that the Appalachian Studies Association accepted a session proposal that I helped organize. Today I received word that the Georgia Association of Historians (GAH), accepted a session proposal that I helped create. I am incredibly excited about the opportunity toContinue reading “2014 Georgia Association of Historians Annual Conference”

Headed Back to the ASA

About two months ago, Jonathan Winskie and I began planning a session for the 37th annual Appalachian Studies Association (ASA) Conference.  We decided to go with the format of three presenters and one commentator. Unable to find a third presenter locally, Jonathan put out a call on H-Net and various other networking sites. He receivedContinue reading “Headed Back to the ASA”