A Gentleman’s Agreement

Connie Chastain posted a challenge from Carl Roden on her blog. In that challenge, Carl agrees that if the answers to his questions (below) are adequate, that he will stop complaining. Connie wants comments on her blog so go there if you wish. Google Blogger is pretty limited in how much text you can writeContinue reading “A Gentleman’s Agreement”

Profane Music: Grand Funk Railroad

[Warning: May Contain Elements of Satire and Sarcasm] In the words of Connie Chastain, I must issue “my apologies in advance for the utter filth of the lyrics posted below the video, but it is necessary for people to understand what is being blasted [by] the VaFlaggers” and their proponents. In one of her more recent posts,Continue reading “Profane Music: Grand Funk Railroad”

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Dumb

Note: Much of this stems from debate surrounding a Confederate Flag issue at Beauvoir; the postwar home of Jefferson Davis. In response to Al Mackey, Connie Chastain tells us why the Confederate Battle Flag (CBF) is connected to President Jefferson Davis.

“I’d Like to Buy the World A Coke”

Coca-Cola’s 1971 tagline, “I’d like to buy the world a coke” became the basis for the song “I’d like to teach the world to sing (in perfect harmony)”. Last night, Coca-Cola infiltrated the minds of many Americans with its new commercial, “It’s Beautiful.” This commercial seemed to remind many Americans that America, is not homogeneous

Staying Busy

Numerous things kept me swamped over the winter break. The job, the coaching job, the role of the grad student….I miss laziness. Because this is the semester of the thesis, my posts on here are going to be few and far in between. I will probably be limited to small updates but I do planContinue reading “Staying Busy”

Leftists vs Conservatives in Connie’s World

The infamous Southern Heritage defender, Connie Chastain, seeks to chide Andy Hall in her latest post. Rather than achieve her goals, she comes off as bitter, mean spirited and naive. Especially in this line and graphic: Actually, unlike floggers, leftists, authoritarian PC-ers and the like, Southern heritage folks are mostly conservatives, and  conservatives usually believeContinue reading “Leftists vs Conservatives in Connie’s World”

“There is nothing bad about…preferring to associate with white people” A Review

There has been a lot of back and forth over Connie Chastain’s arguments for “cultural superiority” and “white preference.” Connie contends these are not racist revelations, whereas other bloggers such as Corey Meyer and Brooks Simpson disagree. Personally every time I see an anti-multiculturalism argument, I automatically think of this little ditty. http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/256710/not-my-waterpark (Click hereContinue reading ““There is nothing bad about…preferring to associate with white people” A Review”

Getting Back In Rhythm

I’ve been away for a few weeks. First there was the 150th Gettysburg reenactment, then a team wrestling camp in Boone, N.C. Glad to be home, and hopefully, routinely updating this blog. Here’s what’s been happening. Connie Chastain delights in playing the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” game. The answers given by some did not agreeContinue reading “Getting Back In Rhythm”

Sherman and the American Total War: Part 1

Sherman is a controversial figure to say the least. Georgians and many southerners in general go so far as to show signs of anger and/or contempt whenever Sherman’s name is mentioned. Just ask Connie Chastain, David Tatum, and the Southern Nationalist Network. This level of hostility towards Sherman usually has to do with his “March to theContinue reading “Sherman and the American Total War: Part 1”