Confederates for Donald Trump

A Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia, S.C. quickly turned into political advocacy for Donald Trump. I’ve said it time and time again but it is worth repeating that many, not all but certainly most, Confederate Heritage advocates are consumed by presentism (anachronistic introduction of present-day ideas and perspectives into depictions or interpretations of the past).Continue reading “Confederates for Donald Trump”

“The Flag Must Come Down”

The Confederate Flag is one again making headlines in the North Georgia press. Recently, the local Sons of Confederate Veterans raised the battle flag on the lawn of the Chattooga County Courthouse to commemorate Confederate Heritage Month. The flag is scheduled to be lowered at the end of the month when the SCV will replace theContinue reading ““The Flag Must Come Down””

NAACP vs NCAA: Confederate Battle Flag Edition

In 2001, the NCAA took a very proactive stance against states that prominently displayed the Confederate Battle Flag. The organization imposed a ban on those states from hosting any pre-determined sporting events during the playoff season. For the past thirteen years, Mississippi and South Carolina have not been allowed to host any bowl or playoffContinue reading “NAACP vs NCAA: Confederate Battle Flag Edition”

Confederate Islamophobia

Once again, Confederate Heritage advocates find themselves in agreement with the Ku Klux Klan over another racial and/or religious issues. On Monday, the Huffington Post reported that Washington state residents found anti-Muslim fliers on their windshields which originated from the Klan. Similar incidents occurred earlier this year in Pineville, Louisiana but this is nothing new inContinue reading “Confederate Islamophobia”

Stupid Things People Say About the Civil War: Part 4

This week’s gem comes from the new blogger in town.  Jerry Dunford is without a doubt one of the more interesting Confederate defenders I’ve encountered on the web. Take a look at what he said: Have you noticed, that the SAME LIBERALS, the one’s who oppose Christian events, who oppose Christmas, who support abortion, whoContinue reading “Stupid Things People Say About the Civil War: Part 4”

Staying Busy

Numerous things kept me swamped over the winter break. The job, the coaching job, the role of the grad student….I miss laziness. Because this is the semester of the thesis, my posts on here are going to be few and far in between. I will probably be limited to small updates but I do planContinue reading “Staying Busy”

The Richmond Police Weigh In on Taser-Wielding Rob Walker

Originally posted on Crossroads:
This morning a member of the Public Affairs Unit, Richmond Police Department, contacted me in reply to a request for information concerning reports that VCU film student Rob Walker fended off two individuals intent upon vandalizing the Jefferson Davis monument in Richmond until police arrived and took the two individuals, both…