The Richmond Police Weigh In on Taser-Wielding Rob Walker

Originally posted on Crossroads:
This morning a member of the Public Affairs Unit, Richmond Police Department, contacted me in reply to a request for information concerning reports that VCU film student Rob Walker fended off two individuals intent upon vandalizing the Jefferson Davis monument in Richmond until police arrived and took the two individuals, both…

“The North Fought the Civil War to Preserve Slavery”…..Yea Right: Part 1

Part two can be found here.  In the comments section of a recent post, an argument (if you can call it that) rages on as to why the North and South fought the Civil War.  The main thrux of the argument begins with this comment from David Tatum: “I don’t wish to demonize white southerners…IContinue reading ““The North Fought the Civil War to Preserve Slavery”…..Yea Right: Part 1″

What Does the Confederate Battle Flag Mean?

For weeks I carried on with an intriguing task of observing, engaging and debating points of view with certain people belonging to the Facebook group Southern Heritage Preservation Group (SHPG). One thing I learned is that this group is in actuality a Confederate Heritage group as they overlook the other two hundred plus years of Southern HistoryContinue reading “What Does the Confederate Battle Flag Mean?”