Confederate Tea Party

Chattanooga, TN is an area rich in Civil War history, as well as numerous other events and eras. It is really no surprise that the largest local paper, the Chattanooga Times Free Press, is usually littered with pictures, articles and notes about the past. The Civil War usually garners the most attention in the fair city,Continue reading “Confederate Tea Party”

Update: The Case of George Washington’s Broken Cane

A while back I blogged about the damaged statue of George Washington that currently sits in front of the State House in Columbia, S.C. The post had something to do with a Facebook post on the SHPG’s group page that highlighted “Yankee atrocities.” As someone usually skeptical about such atrocities, mainly because so many of themContinue reading “Update: The Case of George Washington’s Broken Cane”

The Vexillology of the Confederate Flag

I found this video this morning after I came across the Chris Rock Show clip. This is the vexillology of the Confederate Flag according to Dr. Thomas G. Clemens of Hagerstown Community College. As always, the comments on the video are more entertaining than the video itself. Enjoy.

Chris Rock and the Confederate Battle Flag

I remember the Chris Rock Show when it was advertised, but my family did not have HBO in the late 90s so I never saw an episode. I ran across this on YouTube this morning. It’s good for laughs and maybe some social commentary. Enjoy.

Does the Civil War Start Today?

One hundred and sixty years ago today, Congress passed Stephen Douglas’s Kansas-Nebraska Act establishing popular sovereignty as the deciding factor on the issue of slavery. It was another attempt in a string of attempts to settle a long standing dividing issue that plagued the country since it’s foundation. Instead, it sparked a string of violent acts that wouldContinue reading “Does the Civil War Start Today?”

A Gentleman’s Agreement

Connie Chastain posted a challenge from Carl Roden on her blog. In that challenge, Carl agrees that if the answers to his questions (below) are adequate, that he will stop complaining. Connie wants comments on her blog so go there if you wish. Google Blogger is pretty limited in how much text you can writeContinue reading “A Gentleman’s Agreement”

From the Holler!

Busy, busy, busy. This time of year is such a crunch to get grades in, help students that are struggling on the home stretch, and prepare for that ever horrendous EOCT. My posts are few and far in between. My comments on other sites are here and there. So here are a few updates. 

Frank Underwood Confronts His Civil War Heritage

Netflix’s premier series House of Cards is a political drama that is raw, exhilarating and downright devious. The lead character, Democratic Party politician Frank Underwood of South Carolina, is easily the most diabolical character I think I’ve ever witnessed on television. Kevin Spacey’s tremendous portrayal of Frank pushes the show to the limit, making it a thrill rideContinue reading “Frank Underwood Confronts His Civil War Heritage”


Protests and counter protests seem to be lining the streets in front of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. The protesters: The VA Flaggers, angry that the VMFA removed the Confederate Battle Flag from the outside of the old chapel. Their protest includes waving Chinese made flags in front of the VMFA andContinue reading “Profane”