The Ol’ Ringgold Depot

Click here to start at the beginning of this series I thought the best way to start this series was by providing a brief history of the depot. This will allow the reader a brief glimpse into the past to see some of the development of Ringgold and its depot. I am hoping to also demonstrateContinue reading “The Ol’ Ringgold Depot”

Abolitionists: The Image of the Bloodhound

Researching articles for my thesis I came across John Campbell’s “The Seminoles, the “Bloodhound War,” and Abolitionism, 1796-1865.”[1] In this, Campbell points out the imagery of the Bloodhound in relation to images used by abolitionists such as the rape of black women, the brutality against slaves and the separation of families. The Bloodhound represent suchContinue reading “Abolitionists: The Image of the Bloodhound”

Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 2

Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 1 Part one of this two part post garnered a lot of reactions on several Facebook forums. Some comments spun off into tangents and irrelevant topics of debate but for the most part, Peter Carmichael’s perceived words and Kevin Levin’s additional comments met a lot of criticism from Re-enactors. I wantContinue reading “Re-enactors vs Historians vs Historians: Part 2”