A Gentleman’s Agreement

Connie Chastain posted a challenge from Carl Roden on her blog. In that challenge, Carl agrees that if the answers to his questions (below) are adequate, that he will stop complaining. Connie wants comments on her blog so go there if you wish. Google Blogger is pretty limited in how much text you can writeContinue reading “A Gentleman’s Agreement”

“What Does the Confederate Battle Flag Mean to You?”

I decided to inhale my lunch today so I could blog this while it was fresh on my mind. On the first day back from Spring Break we, as a class, began our unit on the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.¬†While discussing the States’ Rights Democratic Party (Dixiecrats) convention in 1948, and theContinue reading ““What Does the Confederate Battle Flag Mean to You?””

Reflections on MLK Day

I am going to keep this reflection short and [sour]. Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Many of my students recognize it as a “holiday.” One of many that gets them out of the classroom. For many of the teachers, it is more of the same. MLK Day is a bit of a reprieveContinue reading “Reflections on MLK Day”