NAACP vs NCAA: Confederate Battle Flag Edition

In 2001, the NCAA took a very proactive stance against states that prominently displayed the Confederate Battle Flag. The organization imposed a ban on those states from hosting any pre-determined sporting events during the playoff season. For the past thirteen years, Mississippi and South Carolina have not been allowed to host any bowl or playoffContinue reading “NAACP vs NCAA: Confederate Battle Flag Edition”

Confederate Islamophobia

Once again, Confederate Heritage advocates find themselves in agreement with the Ku Klux Klan over another racial and/or religious issues. On Monday, the Huffington Post reported that Washington state residents found anti-Muslim fliers on their windshields which originated from the Klan. Similar incidents occurred earlier this year in Pineville, Louisiana but this is nothing new inContinue reading “Confederate Islamophobia”

The Vexillology of the Confederate Flag

I found this video this morning after I came across the Chris Rock Show clip. This is the vexillology of the Confederate Flag according to Dr. Thomas G. Clemens of Hagerstown Community College. As always, the comments on the video are more entertaining than the video itself. Enjoy.

Chris Rock and the Confederate Battle Flag

I remember the Chris Rock Show when it was advertised, but my family did not have HBO in the late 90s so I never saw an episode. I ran across this on YouTube this morning. It’s good for laughs and maybe some social commentary. Enjoy.

Reflections on MLK Day

I am going to keep this reflection short and [sour]. Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Many of my students recognize it as a “holiday.” One of many that gets them out of the classroom. For many of the teachers, it is more of the same. MLK Day is a bit of a reprieveContinue reading “Reflections on MLK Day”