Slavery and Interstate Commerce in Appalachia

As mentioned before, I am undertaking a new project that involves the study of slavery in Catoosa County. In order to do so, I am building a sturdy base by examining historiography related to slavery in the ‘Deep South’ in comparison to slavery in Appalachia. Today I came across Wilma A. Dunaway’s Women, Work, and FamilyContinue reading “Slavery and Interstate Commerce in Appalachia”

From the Holler!

I am slowly but surely getting back to a normal schedule which will hopefully mean more and frequent posts in the future. As you can see, the blog is going through a few updates. If you look at the navigation bar, I’ve added a page dedicated to genealogy research. This is a brain child ofContinue reading “From the Holler!”

From the Holler!

Busy, busy, busy. This time of year is such a crunch to get grades in, help students that are struggling on the home stretch, and prepare for that ever horrendous EOCT. My posts are few and far in between. My comments on other sites are here and there. So here are a few updates. 

Connecting Communities through Seeds recently featured a post from a good friend of mine, Jonathan Winskie. For those of you unaware, Joanthan is the red headed menace on the About Me page. His post focuses on heirloom seeds and their ability to forge “metaphoric ‘bridges’” by serving as “vessels to facilitate deep and powerful connections between community members,Continue reading “Connecting Communities through Seeds”

Thank You Silas House: ASA Keynote Speech, 2014

One of the highlights of the Appalachian Studies Association Conference was the keynote speech given by Silas House. Silas is a national best selling writer, activist and professor at Berea College. His speech entitled, Our Secret Places in the Waiting World: Becoming a New Appalachia, was a truly uplifting and motivating speech.

Staying Busy

Numerous things kept me swamped over the winter break. The job, the coaching job, the role of the grad student….I miss laziness. Because this is the semester of the thesis, my posts on here are going to be few and far in between. I will probably be limited to small updates but I do planContinue reading “Staying Busy”

Pat Robertson and Appalachian “ragamuffins”

How someone can go form the topic of “birth control” to an offhand, stereotypical comment about Appalachia is beyond me. But apparently, Pat Robertson has it figured out. While giving a supporting argument for the use of birth control, Robertson highlights the apparent ignorance of Appalachia. Link: “That’s the big problem, especially in Appalachia. TheyContinue reading “Pat Robertson and Appalachian “ragamuffins””

Designing An Appalachian Film Class Update

As previously noted, this semester I am creating a class that analyzes Appalachia’s role in film. This has been quite an interesting process which has brought me much joy. I finished compiling the sixteen week schedule with each week focusing on a theme and historical context. Each week’s film will also have corresponding readings fromContinue reading “Designing An Appalachian Film Class Update”

Appalachia and the War on Poverty

I thought some of you might find this video to be interesting. Finding quality material about Appalachian History on the internet can often be like stumbling around in the dark. Sometimes, you find a little light. I think this video is wonderfully done. It helps to capture aspects of poverty in Appalachia during the “AgeContinue reading “Appalachia and the War on Poverty”