Museum of the American Revolution

On April 19 the Museum of the American Revolution officially opened in Philadelphia, PA. As a historian with an interest in early American this absolutely tickles my fancy and I hope to make it up there soon. Be sure to check out their website or follow them on Twitter. Happy #InternationalMuseumDay! It's a beautiful dayContinue reading “Museum of the American Revolution”

AMC’s “TURN”: Reviews are Out

If you were like me at nine o’clock last night, then you were probably watching AMC’s new series “TURN.” It is a dramatized television series based on Alexander Rose’s Washington Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring.  I say “based on” because the series draws on the book for inspiration but deviates from historical accounts. TheContinue reading “AMC’s “TURN”: Reviews are Out”

Weider History Group and Secession: The Proper Way to Handle A Mistake

My search continues (off and on of course, I’m working on a thesis) to find a solid explanation as to why anyone should call the American Revolution an act of secession.  In this search, I decided the most direct approach was to find a credible website that argues that the colonies seceded from Great Britain,Continue reading “Weider History Group and Secession: The Proper Way to Handle A Mistake”

Monticello and Secession

UPDATE: After much request, I’ve posted the name of the person that responded.  UPDATE: Comments off topic will no longer be approved. Let’s confine the conversation to talking about this particular situation, and not a flame war over whether or not the South has a Constitutional Right to secede, or what the Civil War was over. Continue reading “Monticello and Secession”

A Short Lesson in Historical Research

This post has been a long time coming. Settling into a new schedule both in my teaching position and my duties as a student can be quite exhausting, but I’m starting to get into the swing of things. Recently, I started a little segment entitled, “Stupid Things People Say About the Civil War.” Those postsContinue reading “A Short Lesson in Historical Research”

Virginia is for Lovers, Mmm….

H/T to Brooks Simpson for finding this treasure. This definitely changes the way we remember the Founders. “President booty reporting for duty.” “Virginia is for lovers mmm” “Ratify /this/” The Hamilton photo is far too slutty for this page 😉 Thank you Publius-Esquire for bringing joy to our lives today!    

Happy Independence Day!!!

I do enjoy the fourth of July. Last year I celebrated Independence Day a little before the 4th. After paying homage to John Adams, a hat tip to one of my college professors, I find remembering how truly wonderful the Declaration of Independence inescapable. Not so much because of its importance during the revolution, but becauseContinue reading “Happy Independence Day!!!”

Sherman and the American Total War: Part 1

Sherman is a controversial figure to say the least. Georgians and many southerners in general go so far as to show signs of anger and/or contempt whenever Sherman’s name is mentioned. Just ask Connie Chastain, David Tatum, and the Southern Nationalist Network. This level of hostility towards Sherman usually has to do with his “March to theContinue reading “Sherman and the American Total War: Part 1”