Meanwhile, at the Legion of Dumb

Note: Much of this stems from debate surrounding a Confederate Flag issue at Beauvoir; the postwar home of Jefferson Davis. In response to Al Mackey, Connie Chastain tells us why the Confederate Battle Flag (CBF) is connected to President Jefferson Davis.

Stupid Things People Say About the Civil War: Part 3

This gem comes right out of the comments section of part 2. I’m sure Al Mackey will get a kick out of this one, given the hours of research that went into his Fort Sumter series. Austin says: The Confederate States rightfully and properly assumed ownership of Confederate property. In instances where that ownership was lawlesslyContinue reading “Stupid Things People Say About the Civil War: Part 3”

Fort Sumter Rages On….somewhere else

Due to the discussions about Fort Sumter on this blog (here and here), Al Mackey took on the task to address the arguments often thrown around when discussing this topic. You can read his work below. H/T to Al. A Fort Sumter Series Introduction Who Owned Fort Sumter? Was There A Peace Agreement in CharlestonContinue reading “Fort Sumter Rages On….somewhere else”