Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 6 (The Last Part)

Wel,l we wrapped up things at the Fed. with one last activity. It was a U.S. History activity but it focused primarily on Economic aspects. The activity, however, was engaging and I think I may incorporate that into the classroom at one point. We split into numerous “Expert Groups”. In these group, members went throughContinue reading “Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 6 (The Last Part)”

Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 5

Finally getting to a U.S. assignment. Sadly though, it was an activity far too familiar. Well, if ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Basically we recreated Henry Ford’s assembly line and specialization of labor. In groups, we created paper folded footballs. On a worksheet we were able to calculate expenditures vs time vs footballs made vsContinue reading “Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 5”

Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 4

Lunch break is over. And to get the ball rolling, they are showing us the latest episode of “No-Frills Money Skills” produced by the St. Louis Federal Reserve. That might have been the corniest video I have ever seen. After the video, the speaker introduced us to the Federal Reserve Education site. This is aContinue reading “Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 4”

Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 2

We are getting the ECON Lowdown, lowdown. This is a Fed. sponsored website and it costs teachers nothing. The sign-up process is comparable to other online systems. Enter name, email, school info. for records, etc. etc. My only note on signing up for the program is DO NOT use your school E-Mail. County network firewallsContinue reading “Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 2”

Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 1

Well, after sitting in Atlanta traffic for what seemed like a lifetime, I finally arrived. After going through security, a guide led me up stairs. This place is beyond luxurious. You can really see those tax dollars at work. The workshop itself is not in an auditorium  this year, but rather a big conference roomContinue reading “Live from the Atlanta Fed.: Part 1”

Live From the Fed Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be attending the Dynamic Teaching Tools workshop at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. I am hoping it will be a fun learning experience to better equip me to teach teenagers about history. As I mentioned before, I plan on blogging “live” as the workshop progresses throughout the day.  My goal isContinue reading “Live From the Fed Tomorrow”

Dynamic Teaching Tools

Word finally arrived today that I will be attending a teacher workshop at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta next Wednesday (9/28). The workshop is concentrated on showcasing new online courses and an assessment system for teachers and students. The pleasant thing about workshops at the Fed. is how well you are taken care of.Continue reading “Dynamic Teaching Tools”

Simulating A Battle for Class

Over at Kevin Levin’s blog, Civil War Memory, Kevin highlights the attempts of middle school teacher Robert Riedel to simulate the Civil War. Mr. Riedel uses a controlled water balloon fight as an activity to simulate the lines of battle, confusion, and disorientation a soldier of the Civil War might experience. Kevin has an issueContinue reading “Simulating A Battle for Class”