Guest Post: Why I Marched on January 21, 2017

Yesterday the Women’s March took place. If the captivating¬†images of this event are any indicator, I have no doubt I will one day teach this to my U.S. History classes. Unfortunately, my duties as a wrestling coach kept me from participating in this historic event. This left me following the march in spirit as IContinue reading “Guest Post: Why I Marched on January 21, 2017”

Isabel’s Coca-Cola Response

The below post is a response to my¬†previous article about the “It’s Beautiful” Coca-Cola commercial. Isabel Otero, a high school chum and peer of mine, left a comment on that post. I felt that Isabel’s voice, especially on a matter of which she has personal experience as a Puerto Rican American, deserved to be aContinue reading “Isabel’s Coca-Cola Response”