The Complicated History of the Confederate Flag

From the YouTube channel, The Good Stuff. A terrific video about the Confederate Battle Flag. The video includes the following description: The confederate flag is a controversial symbol. What it means has changed over time and can depend on who you are and where you come from. And to further complicate this, there wasn’t justContinue reading “The Complicated History of the Confederate Flag”

What if the South Won the American Civil War

Here is an alternate history theory by the YouTube channel AlternateHistoryHub. The channel has some really interesting videos that are fun to watch and think about. I do enjoy alternate histories for their entertainment value. I am also believe that they have intellectual value. Alternate histories present ideas about the past into order to formulate theirContinue reading “What if the South Won the American Civil War”

Displaying and Teaching the Confederate Flag in the Classroom (Part 2)

In a previous post I wrote about the new project I instituted in my United States History classes which deals with the Confederate Battle Flag. In short, the goal of the activity is to have students reflect on how they view the flag and to evaluate that view as the school year progresses. You can readContinue reading “Displaying and Teaching the Confederate Flag in the Classroom (Part 2)”

Displaying and Teaching the Confederate Flag in the Classroom (Part 1)

Update: Due to the agitating nature of some comments, further comments that are off topic or argumentative for the sake of arguing will not be approved. As always, if you have an argument to present and evidence to back it up, please post. I am looking for good resources to use in the classroom. ThanksContinue reading “Displaying and Teaching the Confederate Flag in the Classroom (Part 1)”

Durwood Dunn’s “The Civil War in Southern Appalachian Methodism”

“that when I shall have made up my mind to go to Hell, I will cut my throat and go direct, and not travel by way of the Southern Confederacy.”  ~ Parson Brownlow, Knoxville Whig I am reading my way through the late Durwood Dunn’s final book, The Civil War in Southern Appalachian Methodism.  It took me one sittingContinue reading “Durwood Dunn’s “The Civil War in Southern Appalachian Methodism””

Catoosa County Residents Meet About Secession

I came across this interesting article while looking into the history of slavery in Catoosa County. The passage, printed by the “Rome Weekly Courier” on December 21, 1860, lists the resolutions adopted by the county in response to the Georgia Secession Convention. I find it interesting that this small Appalachian county recognized the key issue that tore theContinue reading “Catoosa County Residents Meet About Secession”

And the Flag Comes Down

The Confederate Battle Flag was lowered today at the South Carolina State House. The flag has been the center of much controversy for some time. South Carolina, in the wake of tragedy, is attempting to move forward toward an era of healing, where actions speak louder than the “Heritage not Hate” mantra. It is unfortunateContinue reading “And the Flag Comes Down”

152 Years Ago Today at Vicksburg

On July 4, 1863, John C. Pemberton formally surrendered his Confederate forces to General Ulysses S. Grant. Unlike his unconditional surrender policy at Fort Donelson, Grant offered parole to Confederate POWs. Grant made the decision not to attempt to feed or transport thirty thousand Confederate soldiers. Among those taken prisoner that day was one ofContinue reading “152 Years Ago Today at Vicksburg”

Slavery and Interstate Commerce in Appalachia

As mentioned before, I am undertaking a new project that involves the study of slavery in Catoosa County. In order to do so, I am building a sturdy base by examining historiography related to slavery in the ‘Deep South’ in comparison to slavery in Appalachia. Today I came across Wilma A. Dunaway’s Women, Work, and FamilyContinue reading “Slavery and Interstate Commerce in Appalachia”