40th Annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference

The count down has begun. In almost two months I will be presenting at the 40th Annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference. This is one of my favorite academic conferences so needless to say, I am excited to be able to attend and present. This year’s conference will be held at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. I’m hoping to get there a day early in order to enjoy some sights and sounds. My presentation is scheduled for Friday, the first day of the conference. Details are blow. Continue reading “40th Annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference”


39th Annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference

I recently learned that my proposal to the 2016 Appalachian Studies Association Conference has been accepted. I have presented at this conference a few times over the past couple of years and it is a thrill every time. I have had the opportunity to read papers in front of academics in the field and to have prominent historians, such as Dr. John Inscoe, critique my papers. Each time I have presented at this conference I learned and evolved as a young scholar looking to finish his masters degree. This year, I amm going to the conference with a paper more personal in nature. I recently began “modernizing” the history of my hometown and county. Specifically, I am looking at antebellum Catoosa County and its relationship with slavery. Here is the proposal I submitted.  Continue reading “39th Annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference”

Catoosa County Residents Meet About Secession

Catoosa MeetingI came across this interesting article while looking into the history of slavery in Catoosa County. The passage, printed by the “Rome Weekly Courier” on December 21, 1860, lists the resolutions adopted by the county in response to the Georgia Secession Convention. I find it interesting that this small Appalachian county recognized the key issue that tore the country apart in 1860. In fact, slavery is the only issue listed by name; not taxes, not states’ rights, and not tyranny. I retyped the article below.  Continue reading “Catoosa County Residents Meet About Secession”