About Me

Jonathan Winskie, Dr. Whittemore, Me.
Jonathan Winskie, Dr. Whittemore, Me.

My name is Robert (Rob) Baker.

I am a high school history teacher with a passion for U.S. history and coaching wrestling. I received my Bachelor of Arts in History from Carson-Newman College in 2010 and my Masters in Teaching (Secondary Education) in 2011 from North Georgia College and State University. In 2014, I completed my Masters in history in U.S. History from the University of North Georgia.  I am also an alumni of Ringgold High School in Ringgold, GA.. Currently I teach at Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, GA.

Growing up in Ringgold I have always been fascinated with history. Ringgold was the site of a small Civil War battle, and adjacent to two very large battles, Chickamauga, and Missionary Ridge (Chattanooga Campaign). This admiration for history grew in such a way that it seemed fitting to pursue a career involving history which is what I am doing now.

My graduate school focus was on U.S. Military History with an emphasis on early American. In addition to this, I study the region of Appalachia and attempt to place it within the context of U.S. History. Although I do dabble in military tactics, my real concentration examines how society and culture affects the way soldiers fight and the manner in which wars are carried out.

Among other things, I like to study politics, theology, historiography, historical memory and education. I am also fascinated with film and the way Appalachia is portrayed in film. I have designed classes that examine stereotypes of Appalachia in film. I continue to pursue that interest from time to time, by maintaining an Appalachian film list which you can on this blog.

As the years go by and this blog develops, I hope it will be a place to collect my thoughts and hopefully inspire thought provoking conversation. I hope that any and all visitors will take the time to read a few posts and leave comments expressing their opinions towards these subjects. I will warn you though, I do moderate all comments. If any comments are drastically obscene or entirely off topic I will not approve them. I am hopeful that will not be an issue. I also will not approve any comments that are coming from fake usernames. Sometimes that can be an issue when users maintain multiple online identities to hide who they are. I am hopeful there will be minimal issues, but this is the internet. Welcome, to The Historic Struggle.

I am a contributor at another blog entitled The Art of Education. It is geared primarily towards the field of education. It includes teaching theory, methods and experiences. Check it out!

[Note: The comments expressed herein are the opinion of the author alone. Those opinions are not reflective of nor endorsed by the author’s employer, Collins Hill High School.]