Welcome to My New Classroom

As some of you are aware I changed schools this past school year. I will now be teaching U.S. and World History (regular and AP for both) at Lumpkin County High School. I’m really excited for this excellent opportunity as well as the challenge of taking on AP level curriculum for both of these subject areas. I am currently in pre-planning mode and because I changed schools that means a heavy amount of classroom set-up. I’m about 95% finished but I went ahead and shot this video to give everyone a look inside.

I have numerous posters on the wall – some silly. I particularly like the WWI and WWII propaganda posters on the back wall. They are underneath numerous pictures of Civil War Generals and flags that I’ve collected over the years. My bulletin board is full of items I will use for Unit 1 in U.S. History – the American Revolution. Additionally, I have pictures of the Presidents at the top of my walls sort of making their way around the classroom. I stopped at Gerald Ford because I am suppose to get new technology at the front of the room. Once I get the new screen, I will finish the row of Presidents out. Anyways, tell me what you think – comments, suggestions, and questions. 


4 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Classroom

  1. The room looks good. However the creepy heavy breathing on the video concerns me. I do like the propaganda posters in the back of the room.

  2. I like the room –that yellow flag… because these days it means, “I only watxh Right Wing Propaganda,” so it isn’t my favorite, but hopefully you will explain it.

    I think you should consider getting some protest art (if it doesn’t get you fired) for more recent movements like the Farmworker Rights Movement and/or the xkcd poster about Congress too because you still have some wall space to fill up.

    Also, have you seen this: http://www.pbs.org/program/john-lewis-get-in-the-way/

    1. The Gadsden Flag – well, thankfully it’s a history class so it has meaning beyond politics – but I’m using it as a table apron currently.

      I try to shun away from protest art as a permanent fixture in class. I do bring out various forms of protest art/posters during their appropriate times – Civil Rights, Farmworkers Rights (I need a good poster for that) and so on. I do have a few government posters; but I’m not sure if I will use them this year since I’m not teaching government.

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