From the Holler!: “I’M TECH DEPRIVED!!!”


Greetings! Unfortunately, my computer access is severely limited. My old computer is kaput. This is the primary reason for the lack of posts as of late. However, I hope to get things going soon. Until then, here are some tidbits. 

Historian finds unmarked slave graves at proposed Top Golf location

  • Apparently developers want to drive forward regardless.

GA Legislator loses committee position after peddling the Lost Cause. 

  • GA State House of Representatives member Tommy Benton is under fire for sending his colleagues an article challenging slavery as the root cause of the Civil War. Benton lost his position as chair the House Human Relations and Aging Committee. He also lost his nomination to fill one of three seats on a study committee set up to recommend improvements in civics education in Georgia’s public schools.

Being Black and a Civil War Re-enactor. 

  • As a re-enactor myself, I can tell you from experience that Black Civil War Re-enactors are few and far in between. This article is worth the read for the few that participate in the hobby.

Kieth Harris shares his views on Confederate Monuments.  

  • I’ll definitely add this to the list of articles I read on the subject as my views evolve.

More Developments in Henry County

  • There is some new news, I plan on addressing it in a future post.

Finally, COAL

  • For my Appalachian friends…you’re gonna want to watch this.


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