From the Holler!: New Year’s Edition

The unofficial hiatus is over.  I taught another class at the University of North Georgia, which was an absolute thrill. I finished up my first semester teaching at West Hall High School, another amazing experience. Additionally, I worked some on the side with friends on a new political blog/podcast. We’re still ironing out the kinks on that project. I cannot begin to count the number of times I’ve sat down to write a new post, or share an event, only to get sidetracked. However, it is my New Years Resolution to be more attentive toward this blog. What better way to start the year than some recent highlights? 

Donald Trump

  • I had a professor in college who had a sign on his office door that read, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” Never thought I’d see the personification of that. In Trump’s own words, it is truly “unpresidented.”

Appalachian Studies Association

  • I received word that my paper proposal to the Appalachian Studies Association’s 40th annual conference has been accepted. I’ve gone to this conference several times over the past couple of years. Each time I present, or simply just attend, I find myself completely immersed in art, activism, and scholarship. It is truly an amazing experience and I look forward to this year’s conference in Blacksburg.

The Lost Cause and Fake History


Brooks Simpson’s Fan Mail 


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