More Confederate Flags and Donald Trump

Donald Trump spokeswoman supporter Kayleigh McEnany sought to educate former South Carolina legislator Bakari Sellers on CNN the other night about the meaning and history of the Confederate Battle Flag. Needless to say, opinions varied widely. Here is the exchange. 

Two white people educating black men on the meaning and history behind the Confederate Flag; you’ve got to appreciate the irony. I admire how Sellers unapologetically rejects the views of both Trump supporters with a more accurate, non-whitewashed version of the past. This is not the first time Trump supporters have wielded symbols of racial oppression at rallies and on the campaign. The reality is Trump readily accepts those people as they correlate nicely with his neo-conservative, xenophobic, and racist confident, unapologetic and far from politically correct message.  McEnany readily defends that…

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