Confederates for Donald Trump

A Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia, S.C. quickly turned into political advocacy for Donald Trump. I’ve said it time and time again but it is worth repeating that many, not all but certainly most, Confederate Heritage advocates are consumed by presentism (anachronistic introduction of present-day ideas and perspectives into depictions or interpretations of the past). It is not so much about protecting “heritage,” as they claim, but advocating a political view point which they earnestly believe has historical precedent. A precedent which only “heritage” advocates see as they view the past through the lens of their political agenda.

23 thoughts on “Confederates for Donald Trump

  1. That video is amazing. I love the guy who said, “[black people] don’t know their history.” Hm? I wonder why –oh that’s right, white people wrote that history. It’s hard for me to imagine the justification olympics that must take place in these folks minds to convince themselves that they’re oppressed somehow, and that the billionaire con artist is their hero. No one is pushing these people, no one is shoving them, cheering for someone to beat them up or anything of the sort for saying horribly misleading and ignorant shit. They get to stand there and say it! They get to be legitimized by TYT with this sort of coverage…and yet, I’m the brainwashed one because I believe that systemic racism and oppression are a real thing? Or that the LGBT community isn’t given equal protection under the law? This is bananas. I don’t know what’s going to happen with this election, but they should realize that if their capricious winter squash wins the presidency the moment they find themselves disagreeing with their government it’s gonna get ugly for them… All of the sudden the authoritarian pygmy-handed bully will turn his hoards against them.


      1. Right. Short of developing a severe mental illness between today and November, I will not be a Drumpf supporter.

        1. Full disclosure – I might fall into the “Too disheartened to vote” category in November. I’m not one of those pick your poison type of voters and living in a predominantly red state that turned out in mass to vote for Trump further discourages me.

          1. 😦 that’s your choice, and I hope you vote even if your candidate isn’t the nominee. I think that Bernie’s race has been an overall positive. Trevor Noah had a clip of Clinton’s speech from Super Tuesday, and he made the case that she is essentially taking his ideas –which isn’t a bad thing for Bernie supporters. I tend to agree. He’s pushed the Left in a positive direction, and I think he should stay in until June.

          2. Win or lose Bernie’s campaign is a solid thing for the DNC – Hillary is too far to the middle. She’s a War Hawk with Wall Street ties. The chair of the DNC is trying to block Warren’s ability to safeguard Americans from payday-loan establishments. Bernie’s progressive campaign has forced her to accommodate his voters – who turned out in mass in swing states. She beat him on Super Tuesday – but let’s be honest – she won’t win those Deep South Repub. states in the general election.

  2. It is pretty much all about the present for most of them. They are only interested in using the symbols of the past to lend legitimacy to their modern political ideology. It is not about what the past actually was for them, it is about what they want the past to have been so it matches what they want to believe today.

  3. It would be strange voting for Donald Trump. I’d feel like I was part of a reality show.
    But what are the choices on the other side?- A crook, a crackpot and a dingbat (waiting in the wings – an alternate if the crook gets ousted). I don’t even have to put their names up – you all know who the crook, crackpot and dingbat are…

    1. I don’t actually know to whom you’re referring to with the very unimaginative nicknames. Who is the “crook,” the “crackpot,” and the “dingbat?”

  4. I don’t understand the “advocate” aspect of Southern Heritage advocates. How the heck is heritage something you “advocate”?? Someone either has it or they don’t. It’s not a choice, and it’s not something you can get rid of even if you don’t like it. It just IS. To me, it’s like being a “brown hair advocate” or a “size-12 foot advocate.” Ridiculous.

  5. They “advocate” that only half of the population’s “Heritage” get counted and legitimized. I think advocate is a correct way to describe them. They have a blatantly obvious agenda.

      1. I joke about a lot of things, but I wouldn’t accuse someone of that particular affinity lightly. You can scroll through her Facebook wall and find others. It’s not a one-off.

  6. Her entire Facebook page is full of racist rhetoric. “Embrace your own kind…” “…the closest I’ll ever get to embracing blackness is my cat…” “…Heil Hitler” At least she’s not pretending to be non-racist. What a terrible person that makes the real southern Civil War preservationists look REALLY bad.

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