From the Holler! (MLK Edition)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I have been extremely busy. A lot of changes at school have me eyes deep in a constant stream of paperwork and planning. I’ve also been extremely busy coaching wrestling; especially now that we are in the latter half of the season. This past weekend, these terrific young men placed third in Georgia AAAAAA State Duals.

Picture taken by Arlington Wellington Photography

Anyhow, here are a few updates… 

  • First and foremost, it appears that the Ringgold flag case is over. So much for being prepared to fight the fight to the end and what not. I will continue and finish my series of posts about the Ringgold Depot and the flag controversy though. I enjoy the small town history.
  • The University of North Georgia will be hosting a lecture series on the Civil War entitled, Civil War at 150: Perspectives on Impact and Significance.  The event will be hosted at the Gainesville campus, which provides easier access for travelers via the interstate. Notable lecturers include UGA’s Dr. John Inscoe. I had the extreme pleasure of having Dr. Inscoe review my paper at last years Appalachian Studies Association Conference. He is incredibly knowledgeable and a terrific guy.
  • Ridley Scott and PBS are teaming up to create a Civil War hospital drama. Bring it on.
  • It appears the VA Flaggers matriarch Susan Hathaway shares the same opinions about Confederate Heritage that white supremacists do. I wonder which of the two are more honest…
  • Finally, unlike last year, the only morons I’ve seen waving Confederate Flags are the VA Flaggers on my Facebook feed. I feel like they are more marginalized every day.

Well that’s all for this turn. I’m going to make it a point to post more frequently, until next time.


      • The heritage folks spend a lot of time claiming that this or that action they dislike is “illegal,” and chest-thumping about how they’re going to sue. As a practical matter, they rarely do; most of the time, I suspect, any competent attorney will tell them straight-up that they don’t actually have a case. But that doesn’t stop them from blustering and threatening in front of their friends.

        Right, Tripp?

        • Very true. The interesting thing about this lawsuit is its duration. They stuck to it for some time but it never went to court. Then finally, there was supposed to be trial; the SCV either ran out of money or the lawyer they got told them there was not a case.

  1. Andy’s vision of things, like people claiming and chest-thumping, is frequently distorted by his animosity and derision.

    Also, don’t take Simpson’s word for ANYthing. He is purposely steering people wrong. He jumps on his horse and rides off in all directions to smear and denigrate, unaware that he’s basing his charge on incomplete information, and when it is all known, it shows him to be the bigot and hater he is. 240+ posts and comments attacking the VaFlaggers, Rob. That’s not the work of a healthy mind.

    • Greetings Connie,

      Unfortunately, Andy’s vision of things holds true in this instance. If you read my first post in this series, I highlighted a couple of local SCV chaps who were pressing the issue to court. In the first article linked on that post, a local SCV member named Tim Poteet had this to say:

      We’ve got the United States flag at the Depot, and the Hardee flag up there now, but only represents about four percent of Confederate soldiers. We’ve got the court stuff coming up, and I don’t want to see the national news crawling all over town about this controversy. We don’t want to see this go on. …. It’s not right to not let those soldiers have the right flag up there.(my emphasis)

      I’m not sure why Mr. Poteet felt it honorable to blackmail the town into giving in to his demands. That, combined with the “we’ll fight this to the end” rhetoric, lends credence to the notion that some chest beating is going on. In your haste to lump Andy and myself into the general “flogger” label, I think you tend to forget that Andy and myself are Southern. We currently reside in the South. Andy and I don’t merely comment on these events involving the CBF, we view them, live through them, and are often a part of them. I’ve been following this particular case for some time now and if you look back at that first post you can see the series I started which delves into the history of the depot and the flag controversy. Many of those reflections include my personal connection with the town, depot, and the flag dispute. Granted, I haven’t completed the post on the flag issue just yet, that will be the next installment.

      As far as Simpson, I didn’t comment on his word or his analysis. I merely commented on the fact that Susan’s opinion of Confederate Heritage mirrors a white supremacist group’s view so symmetrically, that they felt it appropriate to publish her words.

      Thanks for stopping by Connie.

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