1. I wonder if Al is capable…

    “[The North] fights for the profits of slavery. It wants to retain the monopoly of supplying the South with dear manufactures and dear iron. It wants to retain the carrying trade of the South; and last, not least, it fights for the monopoly of the agency for the entire Southern trade, both in imports and exports, to and from Europe. I admit that these are things very well worth fighting for; but, for the same reason, the South is fully justified in resisting such pretensions.”

    Charleston Mercury, April 5, 1862

    • That is relatively easy. Start with who owned the paper. That was Robert Barnwell Rhett, infamous secessionist who felt the confederacy was not extreme enough. His view on things was always from a regional point of view, not a national one. The obvious answer to the south’s problems was to build their own infrastructure, but it deliberately chose not to via the actions of the slave owners who chose to reinvest their earnings into more slaves and land.

      Rhett was merely echoing the same foolish thoughts of the Calhounites who did not favor Clay’s American System. The Calhounites were a repressive group who did not desire progress because that would imperil their political power. They used national power to sustain their interests which were regional and not national. So when you read this paragraph either written by Rhett or approved by him you quickly see a limited and very narrow opinion which while supported by many slaveowners in the South, failed in reality. The profits of slavery were in the South. The statistics show this clearly.

  2. I guess we should take down the American flag too as many of these extremists fly that also. We should also take down any civil war monuments even including blowing up Stone Mountain, take out any books on the civil war and burn them and just to be thorough let’s go ahead and ban the “R” word (Redneck. Pretty soon we won’t have any words left!). While we are at it let’s burn the Constitution since it was based on Christian principles and we all know that is bad. Let’s empower everyone except white Christians to rewrite history and eliminate anything they feel doesn’t suit them. Was there (and is there) racism in the South? Yes! Is there racism (not just against blacks) in every part of this country? Yes!! I have lived in the South, the Northeast and traveled extensively to the Midwest and West coast and I have seen racism in every place I have been. Why aren’t we up in arms over that? No let’s just perpetuate the myth that racism exists only in the South (or the “deep” South. Isn’t that Florida?).

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