From the Holler!

I have been pretty busy lately. A new school year started and my thesis is nearing its end. I cannot wait for it to be over so I can dive into new things. Anyhow, here are few bullet points.

  • I found the above worksheet in the shared drive at the school I teach at. I should state that I have never witnessed nor heard of a teacher at my school ever teaching this unfounded pseudo-science. But I found it interesting nonetheless and it serves as a strong example that nothing ever gets deleted.
  • Karen Cox sticks it to the New York TimesStereotypes are getting old and none more so than those that journalists readily apply to Appalachia. I am glad Ms. Cox takes the time to point out some serious flaws in characterizing the region as Annie Lowery does in her article in the NYT.
  • Connie Chastain continues to rant and rave about Brooks Simpson’s posts concerning the kidnapping of Lilly Baumann, and the mother’s connection to the Virginia Flaggers.  Connie trots out the usual attacks, suggesting that Brooks is grandstanding in order to demonize “Southrons.” Ironically, Connie has not used her influence in the VA Flaggers to get members in that community at large to be on the lookout.
  • Check out this article about historically accurate log structure restorations.
  • I finally got to go home this past weekend, I got the pictures I needed for the Ringgold Depot Flag dispute. Hopefully I’ll be able to write about that subject again soon.
  • Finally, I am considering entering in the Warrior Dash in April. It will be in Mountain City, GA. If anyone else is thinking about it, let me know we can get a team together.

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