“Oh Captain, My Captain!”

Yesterday I learned of the tragic death of Robin Williams. This man’s comedies brought me much laughter and joy in my childhood. His improv routines were unmatched; he came like a hurricane and swept you off your feet leaving you in a laughing tizzy. In my teen and adult years, his dramatic acting soothed my soul. His portrayals¬†inspired me, enraged me, and brought me to tears. Robin Williams is no longer with us, but the cultural legacy he left behind is astounding. Some say that the world is now a darker place without him. I disagree. He did too much in his time to leave anything but brightness. RIP Robin, you will be missed and admired.



  1. I cannot even begin to articulate my grief as of yet. I have been watching Robin’s live comedy and can’t stop laughing and crying. This is devastating.

    • Jimmy, I can’t agree more. I grew up in Marin County, where Robin grew up, and everyone I know there had some encounter with him over the years. The first comedy show I ever saw at 15 was Robin at College of Marin in 1978. One of my classmates, Scott Capuro, was in “Mrs. Doubtfire” with him, and just gushed about Robin’s generosity. So, as weird as it sounds, it has felt like a death in the family out here.

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