Opinions on the Ringgold Confederate Battle Flag

Below are a few opinions about the Ringgold Depot Flag dispute. I made an effort to keep them as local as possible.

Ringgold Depot

Letter to the Editor of the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Confederate advocacy group misses the mark in lawsuit

I read that the Sons of Confederate Veterans is suing the city of Ringgold over the display of the “Confederate battle flag.” I am amused because Ringgold displays a Confederate battle flag at its monument. It has a blue background with a white circle in the center. This flag, commonly called the Hardee pattern, was carried by troops who fought at the battle of Ringgold Gap in November 1863 under the command of Gen. Patrick Cleburne. Cleburne and his men were granted special permission by the Confederate Congress to carry this flag because of their reputation as the best fighting troops in the Confederate Army of Tennessee. The flag struck fear into the Union troops when they saw it, with good reason, as Cleburne usually soundly defeated the Union forces whenever he met them. Ringgold Gap was an excellent example.

Thus, I find the position of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that the Saint Andrews Cross Confederate battle flag should fly in Ringgold, rather than the Hardee pattern flag, to be historically ignorant and extremely disrespectful of Gen. Patrick Cleburne and the fighting men of his division, the best of the Confederate army. An odd position for a group that claims to uphold the reputation of the Confederate soldier.

ANTHONY HODGES, Elder Mountain

Some back and fort on the “You Know You’re from Ringgold When….” Facebook page.

You know you're from Ringgold, Georgia when.....


Luke Lynch commented here on one of the Ringgold posts

The “Hardee” pattern flag is a fine compromise; the GA state flag is effectively the Confederate First National and flying an additional flag –with Old Glory completing the vexillological trio– to represent & honor Southern defense by Cleburne seems fitting. The SCV and our country’s public may be better served by instead funding the correction of the typos on the paving stones leading up to the current Hardee flagpole: at least three of Cleburne’s brigade commanders’ names are spelled incorrectly. (I recall Granbury and Lowrey, the third typo escapes me).
I believe that every participant, Reb and Yankee, in the Ringgold Gap fight would state that “the Confederate battle flag’ is already flying there now. That is the little blue flag of Cleburne’s division.


  1. Rob,
    After reading the thread above, I must point out that my research on why the 56 flag was created is not what you state (ie for B vs BoE/desegregation rulings)

    Also, for Mr Lynch’s comment –
    The current Ga state flag only looks like a 1st National, yet it’s tortured history clearly shows it is anything but, and if you are wishing to be ‘historically accurate’ about only flying the Hardee pattern CBF because Cleburne and Granbury ‘fought’ there (although the entire AoT passed thru there) then a 2nd National and not a Ga state flag should be included.

    If memory serves, the AoT CBF was initially flown per agreement by the Mayor of the time, the reason given was because of all the men that left from the train depot to join the CS military. It was only later after the NAACP inserted themselves with demands, that a Hardee was run up to replace it and the focus was changed to Cleburne.

    • Billy,

      I vociferously disagree about the ’56 state of Georgia flag; but that is another post for another time.

      As per the rest of the comment, you are technically not wrong. However, that is information subject to a future post in this series.

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