Sunday Fun: “I’m so….”

reenactorFor those of you on Facebook, you may have notice the recent “I’m so….” trend.  Ex: Someone recently posted, “I’m so Ringgold, I’ve done burnouts out of the Chow Time parking lot.” Of course, you have to be from Ringgold, GA to actually get the reference.

Well, a couple of re-enactor friends of mine started a few “I’m so Unionist…” posts that are pretty funny so I thought I’d extend that to the broader Civil War community. 

In the comments section below, drop your own “I’m so (insert Civil War reference here)” statement(s). This, of course, is for satire reasons and is supposed to be a big joke. So if you get “butt hurt” over someone’s satirical comment, I’m not going to let your comment through. I’ll get us started with this one from Travis Devine.

Im so unionist………that i still get excited and enraged when i read parson brownlows newspaper!…….

Ok, go!



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