The Vexillology of the Confederate Flag

I found this video this morning after I came across the Chris Rock Show clip. This is the vexillology of the Confederate Flag according to Dr. Thomas G. Clemens of Hagerstown Community College. As always, the comments on the video are more entertaining than the video itself. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “The Vexillology of the Confederate Flag

  1. Epic Xeno

    TX, FL, and the LA territory were Roman Catholic when they entered the union. VA, NC, SC, GA were founded Episcopalian. TN was SC creeping west. Colors are significant in Catholic Faiths. Red is martyrdom, e.g. Xian love. The blue and white “X” symbolizes St. Andrews Cross, for Southerns at that time, it had a double entendre symbolizing Scottish enlightenment, the philosophical foundation of the U.S.. WHEN THE SQUARE BATTLE FLAG CAME DOWN, THE RECTANGULAR FLAG ROSE FROM THE ASHES OF 400.000 CONFEDERTE MEN THAT LOVED THEIR COUNTRY THE WAY XIAN MARTYRS LOVE GOD.

    1. I’m sorry but that’s just a preposterous statement. We have ample evidence left behind by the flag’s creator, William Porcher Miles, strove to avoid attributing any religious meaning to the flag. When asked about the colors, he responded that they were “Good republican colors.”

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