Wrestler to Pin Cancer

One of the perks of my job as a high school wrestling coach is the opportunity to work with truly incredible kids. Take for example recent graduate and future Sooner Ryan Millhof. Ryan was a sophomore when I first joined the Collins Hill staff. He placed second in state as a Freshman, losing to another wrestler on the Collins Hill team, Sean Russell. After that season, Ryan transferred to Collins Hill arriving around the same time that I did. I could tell right away that Ryan was an ambitious person, and he remains so today. He wanted to wrestle in college and become a national champion. So far, part of that goal is checked off of his list. He signed a scholarship with the University of Oklahoma this year and is currently training with that team in the Midwest. Despite the sheer strength, competitiveness and brutality that he exhibits on the mat, off the mat Ryan is a truly kind and generous person. That is why Ryan’s recent venture, comes at no surprise. 

Ryan recently joined the Pin Cancer Campaign, which is an organization within the wrestling community to raise awareness and fundraise in the fight against cancer.  The stated mission of the Pin Cancer Campaign is “a call to action to help defeat the world’s toughest opponent by rallying the greater US wrestling community in the fight against cancer.” Last week, the campaign featured Ryan and his pledge to “pin” cancer.




ryan-millhof-pincancer-cureRyan is an Oklahoma University commit and is looking to carry his impressive high school success onto his college career!

“As a family member of two cancer patients, I know how hard the fight against cancer is. My grandmother just lost a hard fight against a sixteen year long battle with cancer. My great-grandmother had cancer for 10 years. After a long, hard fight, she has PINNED cancer and was pronounced cancer free. The fight against cancer is an extremely hard and long one. It takes its toll on everyone around. That is why I want to be involved with Pin Cancer and do whatever I can to help those effected by cancer!”Ryan Millhof

To sponsor Ryan and help in his mission to PinCancer, Click Here!




As I said in the beginning on this post, my job has a lot of perks. Being around Ryan for the past three years is definitely one of them. I only hope more kids of his caliber pass through the wrestling room during my tenure as a wrestling coach, the world could definitely use more of them. I applaud Ryan in his efforts to take on such a serious cause. If you have the ability to, join me in supporting Ryan in his generous cause by clicking on the link above to make a donation. Every little bit matters and maybe one day, we can all “pin” cancer.

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