From the Holler!

Man oh man have I been busy. Quite literally the first day of EOCTs for my U.S History classes, I received news that the head wrestling coach stepped down. For the past three weeks I have acted in an interim head coach capacity, holding things together until administration found a replacement. That replacement was hired on Friday. So now that I’ve got some time, and now that the stress is off for a while, I thought I’d get back to blogging a bit. Here are a couple of items worth mentioning.

  • The Scholar House of Central Appalachia opens in Pikeville. It is a pretty noble cause. The short description is “provide single parents, both male & female, the resources they need to obtain a college degree. In addition to providing academic advising and case management, we are also able to offer housing.” I believe this is something the community can be proud of.
  •  “[A] DEP order prohibits Aracoma Coal, a subsidiary of Alpha Natural Resources, from mining within 1,000 feet of the mountain’s historic battlefield. The 1,600-acre battlefield was briefly added to the National Register of Historic Places, but was delisted after a coal industry-led campaign falsified public opposition to the historic designation.” This is a small victory towards protecting Blair Mountain. However, the historic site is still at risk, and it will remain at risk until people realize coal companies will do whatever it takes as long as they can turn a profit. Despite the harm to natural resources, the environment and people.
  • The University of Kentucky is documenting the untold stories of Latinos in Appalachia . The stereotype that Appalachia is a sparse collective of poor whites, who play the banjo and speak “Old English,” continues to get tore down.
  • Irene Triplett, the last Civil War Pensioner alive, is 83 years old. She still receives about $73 per-month from the Federal Government. Her father, originally a Confederate soldier who deserted to fight for the Union, married a fairly young woman who had Irene around 1930.
  • Thank you Kevin Levin for this beautiful photo on Memorial Day in Boston.
  • Is anyone still watching “TURN”, the AMC series on the Revolutionary War spy ring? I got bored and stopped.

Some solid tunes I’ve been jamming to recently.



2 thoughts on “From the Holler!

  1. I knew “TURN” was going to haunt my inner-historian, especially considering I wrote a paper on the Culper Spy Ring my senior year. I did not expect it to be so boring though. The back words ‘N’ in the title messes with me too. It’s the Cyrillic long ‘e’ letter, so I keep pronouncing the title “TUR-EE”, instead of “TURN.”

    Speaking of shows, have you been watching the History Channel’s, “The World Wars?” If so, what do you think?

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