Stupid Things People Say About the Civil War: Part 5

Eventually I’m going to quit giving this series numbers. There are so many nonsensical statements that it is becoming impossible to track all of them. Any who, here is the latest and it comes from the screech echo chamber. 

Who fired the first shot isn’t material. Who initiated the aggression is what’s material. The first shot was a response, not the initiating factor. It was, in fact, a response TO aggression that had already been initiated.

I’m assuming said person meant “immaterial” rather than “isn’t material.” Interesting train of logic though. So the first shot does not matter, the acts of aggression matter. How can we call what Anderson did, an act of aggression? He simply moved soldiers from an inferior position to a stronger one. This was actually a maneuver that included the withdrawal of troops from a fort to man a fort already under his command. In doing so, Anderson allowed Confederates to take over that fort. His maneuver was one of defense as Confederate troops established seize positions in and around a Federally owned piece of property. A piece of property he legally refused to surrender after an illegal demand to do so. Despite all that, if aggression is what provoked justifiable response, then the Confederates are guilty. They seized federal installations in and around the South by force of arms deposing United States soldiers as they went. All of this, long before Fort Sumter.


  1. Even though then Secretary of War Floyd (who shortly thereafter, turned his coat and became a Confederate general which I’ve long claimed was the best service he ever performed for the United States) was furious, President Buchanan believed Anderson acted within his authority to act and refused to order Anderson to vacate the fort. Buchanan who fact, tried to relieve it with the ill-fated “Star of the West” naval expedition. One of Anderson’s goals was to avoid, or at least delay as long as possible, an armed confrontation between the long-inflamed South Carolinians and US troops, which was imminent at the indefensible Ft. Moultrie.

  2. I believe the people that think the North was the aggressor in the opening of the war are just trying to play the victim card. The South was not a victim, but was the aggressor in the opening of the war. There was no reason for secession and no reason for war, but they chose that path. Jefferson Davis deliberately ordered the attack on Ft. Sumter because he knew that if the Confederacy did not act states would begin to return to the Union. The people were already asking questions he and the slaveholders could not answer.
    Add in the extremely large number of people who were against secession to begin with and Davis had a very bad situation developing which would unravel the Confederacy. He needed something for the Confederacy to rally around and slavery was not cutting it. By attacking Ft. Sumter he started a war which the Confederacy could never win. That is what made Lincoln call up troops and nothing else. Those that think otherwise just refuse to accept reality. They want the South to be perceived as a victim and that is just not the case. The facts prove that the South was the aggressor, but then when have the causers ever bothered with facts?

    • The only thing the South was legitimately trying to defend was there economic system and the political power that helped to preserve that economic system.

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