From the Holler!

Busy, busy, busy. This time of year is such a crunch to get grades in, help students that are struggling on the home stretch, and prepare for that ever horrendous EOCT. My posts are few and far in between. My comments on other sites are here and there. So here are a few updates. 

  • Chapter 1 of my thesis is near completion, I’ve got some revisions to make and then it is off to committee. Time for the grind to finish-up this summer. With school out, I’ll have plenty of time to write.
  • Update: As previously mentioned, Kevin Levin is keeping us up to date on the Lee Chapel controversy at Washington & Lee University. It appears the “Committee” met with school administrators. As foretold, the VA Flaggers and other Southern “Heritage” groups will probably make an appearance to protest soon.
  • Speaking of Kevin, he focused one of his more recent posts on Civil War Reenactments. Such is his prerogative as one that focuses on Civil War Memory. I’ve disagreed with some of his arguments on this topic in the past (here & here). However, I think the re-enactment in question is a bit odd. Check it out for yourself, tell me what you think.
  • In Appalachian news, an Appalachian Heritage Quilt exhibit opened at the Museum of Middle Appalachia. The stories and history these items reveal is truly moving and I recommend it for anyone in the area. It would make for a great day trip.
  • If you are from North Carolina, contact your Senator and help others to breathe. Stop Coal Ash pollution.

This one is for you George

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