From the Holler!

I’ve done it. This is the name I will give my small updates, or as Andy Hall puts it, “Small items that don’t warrant full posts of their own.” Holler is an Appalachian term for a small valley in the mountains. This fits in nicely with my Appalachian background as well as my passion for Appalachian studies. So here is the latest.

Washington and Lee University is experiencing racial tensions over the school’s honor code, the Lee Chapel and the Confederate Battle Flags inside the Lee Chapel. I have not bothered to write a post about this because Kevin Levin has done a wonderful job of tracking the story (here, here and here) . Expect the flaggings to ensue. It worked out so well for them in Lexington last time.

Gary Adams is sorry. Really, really sorry.

Are we finally far enough past the Reagan Presidency to start tearing down the Reagan myth?

Today is the 90th anniversary of the Benwood Coal Mining Disaster. Coal mines continue to operate void of proper regulations, despite what the Coal Companies and GOP want you to believe.

Thank you Mark Felt, former Associate Director of the FBI. Your informant code name “Deep Throat” gave about fifteen dirty minded teenage boys quite the laugh today.

Sarah Palin uses water-boarding torture in a religious context. I forgot she was relevant for a while, now I’m sure of it.

It’s cram time in public education. Despite the fact the we missed nearly two weeks of school due to snow, the state of Georgia has not rescheduled our End Of Course Tests (EOCTs).

Rock on Connie, Rock on.



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