A Historic Struggle: Jordan Burroughs vs David Taylor

Another day down. Wrapping up the end of the school year is somewhat like a race against time. Teachers have to get those last few units in, then assess the students. This can all be done with a little time (hopefully) to review before the dreaded EOCTs (End Of Course Test). In other news, students in my classes that also wrestle were fairly ‘jacked up’ about an incredible Freestyle Wrestling match at the Asics Open Freestyle Nationals between David Taylor and Jordan Burroughs. Burroughs (red) is currently ranked #1 in the world at 74 kg. He is a World and Olympic Champ. Taylor (blue) is the recent NCAA champ from Penn State, coached by Olympic Champ Cael Sanderson.

Taylor is a terrific wrestler and gave Burroughs all he wanted. Taylor lived up to his reputation as “the Magic Man.” He did a good job of attacking and defending against the powerful onslaught of Burroughs. I found the match to be much more gratifying than Burroughs vs Dake was last year. Regardless, Burroughs does what a champ does. He kept attack, and in 20 seconds, secured two take downs for the win. The future is bright for USA Wrestling.

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