Learning to Read

Standing Up For What You Believe In….Even if it’s a Lie


Here’s an example of how not knowing how to read (and not knowing how to quote) results in intellectual confusion. The example comes from a noteworthy Confederate heritage FB site.

Riley Learns to ReadI get where you’re coming from, Mr. Riley. I shook my head after reading this, too. Why?

Could it be that this is what Earl Hess wrote?

Hess quote Pages 97-97 of Hess, The Union Soldier in Battle (1997) reprinted in From The Civil War Soldier: A Historical Reader, edited by Michael Baron and Larry Logue (2002).

Why, yes, Mr. Riley, this is what Earl Hess wrote. You appear to have left out several key words. Why is that?

Now on to the second quote:

Hess quote 2 Page 102 of Hess, The Union Soldier in Battle.Why, Mr. Riley, it seems you left out some words again. Why is that?

Why, Mr. Riley, it seems you left out some words again.

I shake my…

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  1. Please tell me this is just a really, really, really bad joke. Everything you Union sympathizers do and say is predicated upon a never-ending pack of lies. Go ahead,tell everyone where the Constitution prevents the people of a state from declaring its independence. Boom, the lies start. Now tell everyone which federal laws were in place in 1860 which made secession illegal. Boom, more lies. Now tell everyone why the principles of the Declaration of Independence didn’t apply to confederates. Boom, more lies. Now tell everyone that the colonies didn’t separate (secede) from the British Empire in 1776. Boom, more lies. Now tell everyone that the citizens of the Northern states didn’t own and traffick slaves. Boom more lies. Now tell everyone that the North went to war to free slaves. Boom, more lies.Now tell everyone that Lincoln and King George weren’t fighting for exactly the same thing. Boom, more lies. Now tell everyone that the North didn’t profit from slavery, and that the Boston textile manufacturers weren’t gobbling up slave cotton year after year. Boom, more lies. Now tell everyone that slavery wasn’t legal in the United states during the war. Boom, more lies. Now tell everyone that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Patrick Henry weren’t slave-owners. Boom, more lies. Like I said, you people are foul and vulgar liars whose cause is nothing more that a thick pack of grotesque lies. You may fool each other, but each one of you knows that you are all just a bunch of lying liars.

    • Oh look, another person with a complete lack of understanding the Constitution because it wasn’t written in a way he can understand it. Or is the same person with a different name? Study some history and you might understand what actually happened instead of what you want to have happened. My American History to 1865 students know far more history than you do because they participate in what is called the learning process.
      As for lying, well, you just did a lot of it right there. Better get back to the Confederate Catechism class where you can feel better about worshipping your ancestors who fought for slavery and said they were.

    • I was going to reply to this rant, but then I realized….what’s the point? You are obviously set in believing this idiotic notion of the Lost Cause that you hold so dear. Guess what. The South lost. Slavery ended. That’s a good thing. Deal with it. Rant on somewhere else.

      • It’s the same as the others. This guy rejects facts and supplies none of his own. We provide tons of information and they provide none. And they wonder why we laugh at them. Saying something is true is not enough. You have to back it up with facts. The Lost Cause has no facts. That’s why people are ignoring it.

  2. [Edit Note : Awwwwww, did you expect to see your comment here? 😦 You’ll have to forgive the edit. I let your first comment through because you are a new to this site. A couple of things I do not allow: off topic comments; insults; and usernames that maintain your anonymity. Please, familiarize yourself with the comment rules on the the “About Me” page (last paragraph). You will also need to start commenting under your real name. It’s far too easy to hide behind a handle and throw insults at people. Have a Dixie Day!]

  3. [Edit Note: wassamadda? Did you expect your comment to appear here? Apparently you did not read the comment rules. I don’t approve comments void of context and full of insults someone with a 6th grade education would use. I’d like to thank you for proving to me (and others, I had a fun time showing this juvenile comment to many of my friends) proof of the mentality of the Lost Cause, heritage crowd. Apparently you also do not know how IP addresses work, I knew it was you before even opening the comment up. That won’t be much of a problem in the future though, I’m simply going to mark you as ‘spam.’ Your comments will be going there from now on. Never fear though, I’ve saved your comment for future reference. Have a Dixie Day! 😀 ]

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