What About the Flag and Me?

I think Al hits the proverbial nail on the head. All to often I am on the receiving end of generalizations concerning my views of the flag.

Student of the American Civil War

Most neoconfederates probably think I hate the sight of the confederate flag [by this I’m talking about the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia].  To clear things up for them, it depends.

I like this flag just fine.


I don’t like this flag at all.

Census Negroes

I think this flag is pretty cool.


I think this flag is just plain awful.


I have no problem at all with these flags.


I think this flag is reprehensible.


I think these flags are dumb.


I think these flags are bad.


I wear this flag on my ring finger.


I don’t like these flags.


I like this flag.

Vicksburg, Mississippi

I think anyone who would have this flag should be ashamed of themselves.


Is that clear now?

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