Still Recovering…

Hopefully I can get back to blogging in the near future. A recent shoulder surgery is keeping my down in the dumps for the most part. On a happier note, I passed my foreign language requirement for my Master’s degree. Now to finish that prospectus. Happy Holidays Everyone!

15 thoughts on “Still Recovering…

    1. Thank you so much!

      Actually, the doctor thought it was a small labrum tear. It turned out to be a bone spur with bursitis that was fraying my labrum. The doctor filed down the spur and cleaned everything up. I should have a short recovery: my surgery was Wednesday, stitches came out yesterday. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have full used of the arm again.

    1. Ha ha. That was a legitimate fear of mine because I’m working on my prospectus. Thankfully, my surgery was not that extensive. The surgery was on Wednesday, I was out of the sling the next day, and out of the bandages by Saturday. I’m getting more and more use out of my arm every day.

  1. Speddy recovery Rob.

    When you get back you may want to start cutting your ties with Al Mackey. Seeems like he has gone off the deep end with his insults.

    George Purvis
    Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education

  2. Nice work over on Crossroads replying to the racist. Class started and I just don’t have time to argue with a guy who selects his data from racist sites and ignores the context behind every issue. Now he or someone else is doing what the racists do when their concepts are ignored and ridiculed. Flood the site with idiotic comments and insults. I don’t think they understand why people are ignoring them more and more.

    It’s one thing for people to get upset over a heat of the moment issue and support groups with racists in them, but over time they can’t sustain the momentum as people begin asking questions and looking under the rocks. I think that’s what is happening with the right wingers and the racists. The people are seeing what is really driving the arguments and they don’t like it. So they are leaving that sector of people behind and those racists are unhappy about their lack of support now.

    1. It was all readily available when one looks at source material, and included the numbers that incriminates white people as well rather than tease those factors out. That guy is a sad human being.

  3. Story about Mackey’s lack of honesty comments apply to Jimmy the Dick, Andy Hall, B. Parks, Rob Baker, Brooks Simpson, Young, Corey Meyer, the pervert Goad, and all of you guilty of the crap you do, and all the rest of you left wing distorter’s of American history. Why as grown men, do you not do something positive, it is fine to wish things happened in a different manner, but the truth is the truth. Lincoln never liked the blacks, he wanted them deported, and that was his opinion, and he like all should be entitled to his opinion. He also was not interested in any war over slavery, these are his words, and when the high tariffs in the Southern states and rumors of even more federal tariffs and controls were the talk of the time, Southern leaders said enough is enough.

    This was their opinion, and they had a right to their opinion. So secession began, and the big business men in the North only saw $$$$$ dollar signs, dollars that would be leaving their hands
    with the loss of the Southern economy. So, when Fort Sumter happened, Lincoln wanted no solution. and used this as his 1861 Gulf Of Tonkin chance to start a war to stop the Southern Independence.
    The war started, he thought ( wrongly) that six months would do the trick, and 2-1/2 years later it was blazing along. So his advisers, and friends said release the Souths slaves, and this will accomplish several things, (1) provide us much needed manpower in the army as our Northern governors were balking at sending more men and he wanted a 4 or 6 to 1 advantage as this is what it was going to take, (2) to hopefully have the slaves harm their owners, (3) to cause lawlessness and damage across the South. Only in September 1863, did this plan take place, more than half way thru the war.
    So, tell this to all, this is what really happened, the war was never started by Lincoln to stop slavery, The American flag flew over a nation that allowed slavery for 80 years, the confederate officially flew over the CSA government and military for 4 years, and you call the Confederate flag and all people who had ancestors in the Confederate Army, there to stop the attacks on our Southern states and on Southern civilians, racist, hate mongers, when the hate was from the NORTH. So, all of you writers, you grown adults, have the decency, the honesty, the courage to tell the truth and stop the slander and the lies and the attacks on the South and on anyone who has a Confederate flag, on any group who proposes or raises a Confederate flag, which is lawful, and it is their right to do this and you, you should respect that right without attacking them for it.

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